Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
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Production of tooling of any complexity
Delivery in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
+38 050 511 46 19

Логотип Матрица

Why to order
manufacturing tooling with us?

Низкая цена

Manufacturing of products by an average of 70% cheaper than on the official factory

Работаем с различными объемами

We work with various amounts of orders (small orders and mass production)


Warranty for each product

Срок изготовления изделий от 2-х дней

Time of manufacturing products from 2 days

доставка по всей Европе

We deliver throughout Europe and the CIS

Grinding and polishing of steel and alloys

токарная и фрезерная ЧПУ обработка

ChPKP “Matrix” manufactures tooling for production lines, molds of various diameters and configurations. The use of molds allows you to save labor costs, energy resources, to produce large batches of products of the desired shape and structure. With us you can order the manufacture of dies, molds with a high degree of complexity and accuracy. They can be used for casting metal, plastic and plastic products.

Thanks to the special training of our specialists, the accuracy of the basic operations for the manufacture of molds for the casting of plastics, metal, rubber, aluminum, and the production of tooling, the finished products are obtained according to the technical specifications of the Customer. It is important that the injection molding equipment is of high quality, since the production characteristics of the finished products will depend on this.



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Technological equipment in the CHPKP “Matrix” </ h1>

Making dies, molds

All work on the manufacture of molds in our company are planned in advance. This ensures high reliability of the finished forms. Products will be of high quality, and the resources used for their manufacture, labor costs are minimal. In the production process, special technologies are followed to make high-precision molds and dies, taking into account the basic provisions of GOST. The production of molds in the tool shops of the company is carried out in compliance with the basic technical steps. Before making a mold for products from plastic, plastic, rubber, metals, a layout is created in the design department. Our task is to create a form that fully pays for the cost of its manufacture and will allow to produce high-quality finished products. It must have a high thermal stability threshold. The design and dimensions do not matter, we manufacture molds from metal or other materials of increased complexity for injection molding.

It is profitable to cooperate with us

  • We have experience in this field for over 10 years.
  • We calculate the cost of the finished mold or stamp on the day of ordering.
  • The company’s employees have a high level of training and constantly take advanced training courses at other enterprises in the industry.
  • The production process uses high-quality materials and raw materials. In the presence of a large nomenclature of metals. There are steel, aluminum, plastic, plastic. Li>
  • After the production of tooling, molds and dies, other devices, testing is required, and only then the test sample is sent to the customer.
  • You won't have to wait long. We start to fulfill the order immediately after signing the contract and send the finished mold in a few days.
  • At each stage of the work, quality control is carried out. We can inform the customer about the progress of the order in any convenient way.
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    With us you can buy ready-made designs at the price of the manufacturer with delivery after the manufacture of molds in Ukraine, to countries near and far abroad We make a sample only after specifying details. After that, we proceed to the casting of the form with subsequent processing, including heat treatment. We can apply electroplated coating or paint the finished product. We manufacture sophisticated tooling. Quality control at all stages of work. To order the manufacture of molds for metal, plastics, technological dies or other equipment, please contact the manager of our company by phone numbers listed on the site.