Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
+38 050 511 46 19

Production of non-standard equipment turnkey
Delivery in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
+38 050 511 46 19

Логотип Матрица

Why it is worth cooperating
with us?

Низкая цена

Manufacturing of products by an average of 70% cheaper than on the official factory

Работаем с различными объемами

We work with various amounts of orders (small orders and mass production)


Warranty for each product

Срок изготовления изделий от 2-х дней

Time of manufacturing products from 2 days

доставка по всей Европе

We deliver throughout Europe and the CIS

Production of non-standard equipment turnkey

Фрезеровка и токарные работы с применением технологий термообработки

We manufacture non-standard equipment according to customer’s specifications. Often they turn to us when there is only a sample according to which the employees of the design office of the HPKP “Matrix” compile a project for the development and manufacture of non-standard equipment.



shememgpc - non-standard-equipment
shemengtablet - non-standard-equipment
shemengmobil - non-standard-equipment







Main areas of activity

  • Manufacture of non-standard equipment for industrial and agricultural enterprises.
  • Design and manufacture of non-standard equipment for bending plastic, and product packaging, welding of plastic film. We produce other machines, modules, units, for metal profiling, industrial equipment.

We constantly interact with the customer, which allows us to take into account not only the requirements for the technical task, but also the wishes arising during the production process.
Before the start of cooperation, the main stages must be specified, the cost of raw materials is agreed upon, and the terms for manufacturing non-standard equipment according to customer’s drawings are agreed upon. If something does not suit him, then all issues are resolved immediately, before signing a cooperation agreement. Our factory of non-standard equipment and hardware works with government, commercial enterprises, individual entrepreneurs.
The design office (KB) of our company develops non-standard equipment taking into account the operating conditions, the climate of the territory, productivity and intensity of use. At each stage of work, quality control is carried out, the equipment passes the test and only then is sent to the customer. At the request of the customer representative may be present at the launch and testing of production lines, equipment, custom-made.
After testing the machines and equipment, a passport of the finished product, warranty and operation manual are issued. If necessary, we advise and clarify items that are not clear in the documents.
To issue a pre-order for the manufacture of equipment, the development of non-standard equipment - contact the managers of our company by phone: or leave a request by filling out the online form.