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Metal cutting of any complexity
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Metal cutting of any complexity

лазерная резка металла

Gas cutting is a method of cutting metal, which used to be called autogenous cutting. It involves heating parts with a flame of a certain temperature. Gas cutting of metal is suitable for low-carbon steels, metal-roll from low-alloy steels.

The heating temperature of the machining surface is 1000 to 1200 degrees Celsius. After heating, pure oxygen is supplied from the nozzle of the cutter, igniting on the heated surface and cutting the metal.



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The heating temperature of the processing surface is 1000 1200 degrees Celsius. After heating, pure oxygen is supplied from the nozzle of the cutter, igniting on the heated surface and cutting the metal. The main advantages of this method include:

  • After trimming, the edge does not require additional processing.
  • It is possible to process large batches.
  • Metal cutting is performed on modern machines.
  • High-quality economic cutting of products without additional processing.
  • Due to the lack of requirements for the work site, it is possible to travel to the site.
  • A versatile and fast way to cut a sheet with high productivity.

The disadvantages include the inability to work with non-ferrous alloys and metals with a melting point below 600 degrees Celsius. Gas cutting of metals is a technically difficult process, which requires special equipment, qualified personnel, and compliance with the technological process. To carry out metal cutting according to the technical task, it is important to choose the right speed of the nozzle and oxygen consumption.

The main process consists of several stages.

  • Heating of sheet steel in the cut area until flame appears. It takes from 5 to 40 seconds to heat a metal sheet.
  • A sheet of oxygen is cut through with a jet of oxygen, making it impossible to form oxides due to the heating of adjacent layers.
  • The last stage during which the cutting is slowly moving along the cut line. This allows the cutting of metal sheets of given parameters.

Suitable for cutting and cutting of metal in agricultural enterprises, during construction and other works.

The main types of metal cutting gas

  • Cutting propane

A quick way to cut metal with some limitations. In materials for cutting the content of the alloying component or carbon should be no more than 1%.

  • Flux cutting

Additional components fall into the work area. Suitable for cutting aluminum, alloyed steels, cast iron, as well as copper alloys, reinforced concrete and slag metal.

  • Air arc cutting of metal

Allows you to make shallow cuts of different widths. Gas is fed directly along the electrode.

  • Guillotine cutting

Service using a special pneumatic type machine. This is a mechanical cutting of metal, rectilinear cutting of a sheet, with the help of which it is possible to obtain blanks of specified parameters of any standard sizes.

  • Metal guillotine cutting

Allows you to work out a lot of blanks in a short period of time.

  • Band metal cutting

It is made using special band sawing machines and other cutting tools. With the help of tape cutting, it is easy to plan the varietal metal in the desired size.

In our metalworking company, you can order the cutting of metal on the guillotine. The price of services is below market. We provide other services:

  • Laser metal cutting, the price is discussed individually, taking into account the required volumes.
  • We make metal cutting of any complexity, any volumes.

You send the technical task, and the managers of the company choose the best way of cutting. Cleaning and packaging services for finished structures are provided free of charge.