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It is flexible metal under the order
Delivery in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
+38 050 511 46 19

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bending metal with us?

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Manufacturing of products by an average of 70% cheaper than on the official factory

Работаем с различными объемами

We work with various amounts of orders (small orders and mass production)


Warranty for each product

Срок изготовления изделий от 2-х дней

Time of manufacturing products from 2 days

доставка по всей Европе

We deliver throughout Europe and the CIS

It is flexible metal under the order

Гибка и полировка металла

Metalworking company ChPKP “Matrix” provides services for the bending of sheet metal to order with the delivery of products by machine and carriage norms throughout Ukraine, the country near and far abroad.

<strong> Bending of metal </ strong> is one of the high-precision stages of metal production, allowing to give sheet metal of any thickness, shape, design according to the technical specifications of the Customer. Bending sheet metal is carried out taking into account the basic provisions of GOST. This is the only way in a short time for a low fee to get finished products of a given shape.



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Works are carried out in the company's workshops on special machines for bending ferrous metal, aluminum, stainless steel with programmed control. The use of modern technology allows:

  • automate workflow;
  • achieve the manufacture of finished products from sheet metal without welds;
  • increase productivity in the production process.

Pipe bending

We perform bending of thin-walled pipes with a large radius. In the production process, a mandrel is used to avoid changing the radius of the finished pipe, to bend the sheet metal to order without creases and without the formation of corrugations. With the help of modern machines we make large batches of identical parts in a short time. For this purpose, CNC machines are used, which allow making complex bends, observing technical parameters and exact dimensions. The main advantages of the machines used in the process include:

  • Exact part delivery.
  • Compliance with the dimensions, turns, radii of the bend of a metal sheet.
  • The main parameters are set with an accuracy of 0.1 mm, according to the customer’s specifications.
  • We carry out the bending of a shaped pipe made of steel, an aluminum pipe of different diameter, bending sheet aluminum.

Sheet metal rolling

Rolling is a process during which there is a strong deformation of sheet iron, stainless steel sheets, and aluminum with powerful rollers under pressure. As a result of rolling a sheet of metal, the product acquires a conical or cylindrical shape. This method is ideal for the manufacture of shells, other parts with a given configuration. Thanks to modern equipment, we are rolling not only sheet metal, but also pipes, bars, and other profiles. The main advantages of this method of processing metal sheets include the fact that: p>

  • The initial characteristics of the metal-roll remain unchanged.
  • The structure of the finished product varies evenly over the entire surface of the finished product.
  • By automating the process, you can control the final dimensions of the workpiece.
  • Rolling occurs without internal breaks.

To order sheet metal rolling or sheet metal bending to order, contact the managers of our company by phone listed on the website.

The benefits of working with us

  • Thanks to modern equipment, we are bending sheets with minimal time and cost.
  • Quickly get in touch, sign a cooperation agreement immediately after placing the order.
  • We perform bending of pipes of different diameters, including round pipes and profiles.

To receive a commercial offer by e-mail leave a request on the website or contact the phone manager.