Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
+38 050 511 46 19

Drilling work of any complexity
Delivery in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
+38 050 511 46 19

Логотип Матрица

Why to order
drilling work with us?

Низкая цена

Manufacturing of products by an average of 70% cheaper than on the official factory

Работаем с различными объемами

We work with various amounts of orders (small orders and mass production)


Warranty for each product

Срок изготовления изделий от 2-х дней

Time of manufacturing products from 2 days

доставка по всей Европе

We deliver throughout Europe and the CIS

Drilling work of any complexity

Сверлильные работы и нарезка резьбы

The workshops of ChPKP “Matrix” are equipped with equipment, machine tools, tools necessary for drilling holes in the metal, and other plumbing work. They are necessary for laying cables, fasten finished products. The deformation of the metal is carried out on a drilling machine imported.



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Basic drilling steps:

This is a simple process that requires precision movements and skills. Drilling metal, metal and other surfaces involves the following steps:

  • A place is planned for the future hole.
  • The product is fixed in the drilling machine.
  • The drill is selected based on its thickness and material.
  • Surface finish and hole drilling.

The work is carried out by specialists who have experience in complex technological equipment and new-modification locksmith machines. At each stage, quality control of services is carried out, which ensures a long service life of parts.

You can order from us

  • Drilling holes according to specified parameters in metal products, parts that have a complex shape with 3D processing.
  • Drilling followed by flashing in flat-shaped parts.

Locksmith work is carried out in compliance with the basic provisions of GOST, in compliance with safety regulations according to the technical specifications provided by the customer.

It is beneficial to cooperate with us, because:

  • We offer reasonable prices for all types of services.
  • There are no extra charges.
  • We are not intermediaries, but direct manufacturers.
  • You can order drilling in metal parts, designs of any configurations in specified volumes. An order is available to drill holes from a single product.
  • Do not engage third parties.
  • Do not break the deadline, sign a cooperation agreement.
  • We provide discounts for regular customers and customers.
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    Finished products are obtained with high-quality technical standards and parameters. You can send a technical task to e-mail or place an order by phone, agreeing on the details and answering manager's questions. We are waiting for your call.