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Coordinate boring work of any complexity
Delivery in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Kherson, ul. Neftyanikov, 15
+38 050 511 46 19

Логотип Матрица

Why to order
boring work with us?

Низкая цена

Manufacturing of products by an average of 70% cheaper than on the official factory

Работаем с различными объемами

We work with various amounts of orders (small orders and mass production)


Warranty for each product

Срок изготовления изделий от 2-х дней

Time of manufacturing products from 2 days

доставка по всей Европе

We deliver throughout Europe and the CIS

Coordinate boring work of any complexity

ЧПУ фрезеровка

The matrix is mainly used equipment with a vertical spindle commits the movement of the axial feed. The cutting tool is fixed in the hole of the spindle – boring bar with cutters, drill, countersink, reamer, milling cutter, etc.



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How to bore a hole in the metal?

To get a hole in a complex workpiece or part, you need special equipment, knowledge and experience. It is necessary to have the skills and master the technology of core drilling. We do not recommend doing it on our own, so as not to injure yourself and not to spoil the part permanently.
To bore a hole in the metal, you need special equipment - jig boring machine . This is a modern equipment for small-batch processing of parts, for order fulfillment according to individual sizes in a single quantity or in small batches. You can order the boring of details of a complex geometric shape, design.
Kordinatno-boring machines installed in the workshops of LLC Matrix provide concentricity or high accuracy of geometric shapes of holes up to 1 micron, with axial distances of up to 1-2 microns. (small details), up to 5 microns. for large parts with a distance between the axes of the holes up to 1000 mm.
Why is it profitable for you to cooperate with us?

  • We have all the necessary high-precision equipment, the machines on which the bore holes are made.
  • The company employs experienced specialists, mechanics with discharges, who know well the technology of drilling holes in parts, blanks of any shape and configuration.
  • We proceed to the execution of the order immediately after the registration of the application and the delivery of the part or procurement. The average time spent on boring parts, from 30 minutes to 1 -2 days.
  • Quickly process applications and provide free advice.

You can bring the part yourself or send it to you by a convenient carrier (New mail Ukraine, Delivery). After completing the order, we will send you the finished part by the same carrier. Be sure to consider shipping costs and time.
You can order coordinate boring work by sending a request by e-mail, by phone or via the feedback form on the website.